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Den folgenden Text habe ich mal für eine englischsprachige Homepage geschrieben.

From Freising to Bad Toelz

From Munich Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) you can travel by train towards Bad Toelz or by S-Bahn "S1" (commuter train) to Freising. From there you bike back towards Munich. Then you cross the city at the signed way (little white signs with green writing). "Cross" means cross-free! You don't need to use traffic-lights or -crossings at all! (If you do so you are definitely at the wrong way!) Munich's city-administration is very proud to built the bike-way this way. Leave Munich again by using the signs leading your destination. You bike always along the river Isar in nice surroundings to your opposite point. The Isar flows from Bad Toelz (directly in front of the Alpine) to Freising. So at a first view it would be more easy to bike downstream, but the other direction is the more impressing one. You are always facing the great landscape of the Alpine. Esp. while a phenomenon called "Foehn" - a warm wind coming over the Alpine from Italy. ("Foehn" spelling: oe like u in "urgent" or "murder".) This Foehn works like a huge lens, a magnifying glass. The Alpine seems to be very close and starting directly behind the city, but itís nearly 100 kilometres away! It is such a great view youíll never forget. This weather-situation mostly occurs at a upcoming bad weather at the next day.

The ground at the country-side parts mostly is rough round gravel from the river. Often it is filled and fixed with small gravel so you can bike without trouble. Into the inner city you have perfect bike-lanes. You have to share your track with pedestrians only two times.

My favourite direction is south. So Iíll also describe the way in this direction.

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